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Are those mums you purchased for fall color, wilting and dying? Don't pitch them in the garbage. You have seveal options which will save you rmoney and have you prepared for fall when it arrives again next year. Here are are few tips to consider:

Transplanting Your Mum

If you wish to transplant your hardy mums from a container to your garden, be sure to do it before the first frost of the season. Make sure you plant them in a location that gets about six hours of sun per day and has well-draining soil. Do not fertilize mums in the fall as this can negatively affect blooming.

You may chose to overwinter your mum by burying the pots/containers in the garden, if so, cut back the dead foliage to the surface of the soil and bury the pot up to the edge. This will help keep the roots warm. A layer of mulch on top of the pots./containers will also help keep the roots warm.

Don’t prune fall-planted mums. The wilted brown foliage will act as protection from the harsh winter cold. After the first frost, mulch mums generously. A thick layer of leaves covering them will do wonders for winter protection.

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