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The Frisco Garden Club annually provides scholarships for Frisco students interested in pursuing a horticulture-related degree or career plan after graduating from high school. In addition to our Frisco Education Foundation Scholarships awarded to Frisco ISD student, this year the club is awarding one scholarship to private, charter or homeschool student.

The 2024 Scholarship deadline has been extended through April 26, 2024.

Questions? Email the Scholarship Committee.

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Past Presidents' Scholarship:

2020 Winners: Taylor Boydston (LTHS) and Wyatt Vauthier (RHS)

This year's Frisco Education Foundation Annual Awards Ceremony was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but scholarships were still presented to the winners virtually.

Taylor and Wyatt will both be pursuing careers in Environmental Science. 

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Past Presidents' Scholarship:

2019 Winners: Gabrielle Flanagan (WHS) and Lily Neilsen (IHS)

Lily Neilsen, who went to Independence HS and will be attending West Virginia College. 

She will be majoring in Environmental Soil and Water Science and hopes to earn a law degree when she finishes her undergraduate degree.


Gabrielle Flanagan grew up in Frisco and went to Wakeland HS. She plans to attend Santa Clara College in California and will major in Environmental Science.

Both Lily and Gabrielle earned $2500 scholarships this year.

Past Presidents' Scholarship Fund Rob Wier Foundation Scholarship:

2017 Winners: Katelyn Robeson and Paula Mendoza


Scholarship Committee Chair, Lierin Curry, presented our Scholarship Recipients with $1000 each at the May 2017's Frisco Education Foundation Annual Awards Ceremony.


Katelyn and Paula will be pursuing a career in the Horticulture or Environmental Science Community. Stay tuned for specific details of their education and career plans.  

Notable Past Scholarship Recipients

Frisco Garden Club Member: Molly Kinson


Molly may be our youngest and arguably our most active member. However, she is a true team player who believes in paying it forward and supporting the community that supported her. 

Stay tuned for her story!

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