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Her-story Lessons

As the newest Historian of the Frisco Garden Club, I would say that I have big shoes to fill. Really though, my challenge is that our oldest history has been very well preserved. And repeated with every new Historian given that assignment. With the exception of about a couple of decades of archived materials that were lost along the way; I have been bequeathed with lots of historical information about our city's longest active organization. So forgive me of any future plagiarism (intended or not). My predecessors were so eloquent.

I want to share some of Vivian McCallum's words with the public...again. I don't think that they will disappoint. This article appeared in Frisco Life on April 24th of 1997. Since its publication, the Caboose has been moved back to its rightful place near the Railroad Museum. We've had many projects come and go; or were briefly adopted and require little of our constant labor. A few that come to my mind are Bledsoe Butterfly Garden, Dash's Track Disc Golf Course, and the Main Street Gazebo. Many projects have landed into our updated resume: Freedom Meadow, Smith-Muse House, Crozier-Sickles House just to name a very few. It is still our club's "hope to make our town a better place to live".

Celebrating our Club's 90th year without Miss Vivian is bittersweet. She was so fun to be around. So many of us miss her dearly at our meetings. I have wonderful memories to hold close to my heart. Many words, however, won't be shared in this blog; because she was also quite the pistol! So I'll do her the honor of sticking to the printed materials. The last paragraph of this column are as true today as when she wrote it: "The [Frisco] Garden Club has enjoyed a resurgence in the last 10 years. And with the interest and energy of younger members, as well as gardeners who have just moved into our community, the Frisco Garden Club should be a positive factor for years to come."

Ninety years old and going strong. Consider bringing your own energy and interest to our Club. We have been growing since 1932. We are not your grandma's garden club... well. We might be. We welcome generations of gardeners and gardener-wanna-bes alike! The next decade is currently being slated to be our best yet!

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