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If you're looking to enhance the beauty of your landscape and find a plant that can withstand the Texas heat, consider the stunning array of Texas native plants. Why native? These plants are the very essence of our ecosystem. When you incorporate them into your landscape, they not only attract birds and pollinators, but also add a unique, natural charm.

What is a native plant?

A native plant grows in a given region through non-human interaction or a plant defined by nature itself (quote by Douglas Tallany)

Ten Reasons to Use Native Plants

  • Reduced water usage

  • Fewer disease problems that require expensive chemical treatments

  • Sustains native insect populations

  • Survives challenging hot summers because of their extensive root system

  • Needs less fertilizer and fewer soil amendments

  • Save time

  • Less maintenance requirements

  • Smaller area to mow, improve health

  • Less exposure to pollution from gasoline-powered equipment

  • Less danger from pesticides for you, your family, and your pets

What to Buy?

 Here are four North Texas natives that you might like:

Wine Cup

Turks Cap

Texas Lantana

Blue Mist

For more Texas native plants visit

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1 Comment

Love the article on Native Gardening, just one small correction. The second picture is a Michigan Lily, not a Turks Cap.

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