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Which are the most beneficial insects? We’re talking about bugs that are good for plants in the garden and eat pests that would otherwise eat your plants. Let"s find out which insects are good for your garden.

What Are Beneficial Insects? The average backyard is home to thousands of insects, but you may be surprised to learn that only about a tenth of these are destructive. In fact, most are either beneficial or harmless. Beneficial insects fall into three main categories:

  1. Pollinators: We depend on these insects—including bees, butterflies, flies, and moths—to pollinate our garden’s flowers.

  2. Predators: These insects eliminate pests by eating them. Things like ladybugs, praying mantids, and green lacewing larvae fall into this category.

  3. Parasitizers: Like predators, parasitizers also prey upon other insects, but in a slightly different way. They lay their eggs on or in the bad bugs, and when the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the host insects. Parasitic wasps are the main member of this category.

Keep looking for and thanking the good bugs. They will help your garden grow!

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