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Frisco Commons Park

The Frisco Garden Club maintains an active presence at the Frisco Commons Park.

The original war memorial, donated by the club, way back in 1947, found it's eventual home perched atop the bandstand. In 2010, the City of Frisco, VFW, and FGC donated a Blue Star Memorial to the Park's entrance.


The Frisco Garden Club was recognized for dedication and support of the US Military. The FGC helps with the design of the flanking pocket gardens to the Veteran's Memorial sanctuary entrance.

Civic Plantings

On-Going Projects


The flanking entrance pocket gardens were gifted to the care of the Frisco Garden Club when the Walk of Honor was opened in 2013. The Veterans Memorial Sanctuary gardens were originally designed and installed to eventually grow and resemble the US flag...and then, the Texas flag. Mother Nature seemed to have other plans.


The Cotoneaster shrubs with there bluish gray hues bloom tiny white flowers in the spring represents the blue field of the flag. These shrubs were lost to winter freeze in 2016-2017. The FGC replaced them with Henry Duelberg Salvia, a perennial with its own historic relevance. FGC added Agave plants to resemble the Lone Star State Flag. These were lost to "Snowmageddon". 


The Gray Santolina (or Lavender Cotton) is a low border plant, easily managed and drought tolerant, represents the white stripes of the waving flag. Finally, the Verbena is a low growing green perennial ground cover that will bloom red clusters in the spring. All of these plants require good drainage and low water. The FGC replaced these plants with Texas Sage and Color Guard Yucca. Other perennials like Texas Betany and Golden Yarrow were added by FGC in 2020. 

Our 2016 developing project was to add the base plantings to an Eagle Scout project: "The Flyboy" bronze statue. The Boxwoods and Crape Myrtles have lived on.


Nicholas Morrow achieved his Eagle Scout rankings when "The Flyboy" statue was unveiled on Veterans Day 2016. Read more about his incredible undertaking here.

War Memorial Urn

donated 1947


The Frisco Garden Club undertook the building of a war memorial. The urn, made of polished red granite from Fredericksburg, Texas was originally placed at the Main Street split just west of Preston at what is now known as Gary Burns Drive. This tiny little triangle of space used to host Memorial Day Services with the Frisco VFW Post.

Since 2005, the urn has found its final placement of honor at Frisco Commons Park.

Blue Star Memorial

dedicated 2010

Located at the front entrance of Frisco Commons Park.

​The Frisco Garden Club, in partnership with the VFW and the City of Frisco, sponsors Memorial Day Services every year at this beautiful Veterans Memorial at Frisco Commons Park.
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