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Main Street Gazebo

Located off of Main Street in Frisco's historical downtown area, the Main Street Gazebo provides a favorite relaxation spot for downtown retailers and shoppers.  The Gazebo is located at the southeast corner of Main and 4th Street (6891 Main Street).  The gazebo park was adopted by the club in 2006. The Downtown Merchants district is scheduled for a revamp 2023. Enjoy the little bit of Frisco History while you can!

Texas Garden Clubs has given Frisco Garden Club Civic Achievement and Community Service Awards for work at the Gazebo. Frisco Style Magazine has recognized it as “The Best Place to Watch Life Go By in Frisco.”

Main Street Gazebo History

Date established: early 1990's

The Gazebo Park is a pocket garden located in downtown Frisco at the southeast corner of 4th Street and Main Street. It is the only green area in the old downtown district. In the early 90's the city manager, George Purefoy, saw a white gazebo in a small garden in a city he visited in East Texas. It became his dream to have a gazebo park in downtown Frisco. He spoke to the city council, and to Art Phelps, a local architect, who was doing a lot of work for the city at the time. Art found the gazebo kit, city council approved it, and the kit package was delivered to the city.

On a Saturday morning a group of men including Bob Seei, Jim Wilson, Art Phelps, Bob Warren, and George Purefoy met at the corner of 4th and Main. Where once a large store had stood, a small city park began to emerge. The men unwrapped the delivered kit and in one day’s time a gazebo was built.


When Bob Warren left office as mayor in 1996, a city employee, Jonette Ellis, had the idea of putting an old-fashioned standing clock on the park site in honor of Bob’s many years of service to the city. She was the force behind getting folks to contribute to the clock fund.

The park remained as is for many years. Then around 2006 or so the Frisco Garden Club lead by President Gay Worley voted to adopt this small area as one of the club’s city park projects. Using garden club funds made possible by the sale of tickets to the Wildflower Luncheon, the garden as seen today became a reality.

The club has added a path, boulders, plum trees, and native plants to the park. Daffodils have also been planted. Gazebo Committee members regularly weed, trim and fertilize the little park area. Beginning in the fall of 2016, the Gazebo Committee of the Frisco Garden Club, started decorating the gazebo for fall; and then again for the Christmas season.

The Gazebo Park is used for a meeting place, men’s prayer group, birthday parties, and a lunch or coffee break spot for downtown business owners and shoppers. Brides, graduates, and others are often seen being photographed in the park.

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