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Board Members

President's Message

My first encounter with the Frisco Garden Club was at their 2015 Wildflower Luncheon. Until that time, I had lived in Frisco 17 years without knowing that Frisco had a garden club! I also spent that time struggling to garden in North Texas. I did so want to recreate the beauty of my hometown of Bossier City, Louisiana. There, the flowers grow prolifically and effortlessly.


Frisco Garden Club is a wealth of information for new gardeners as well as seasoned gardeners. Through the Club, I’ve learned about Texas perennials and the annuals that grow best in our North Texas soils. As a member of the club, I feel that I am constantly learning new “best practices”; and that shows in my own home garden. I also feel that I am making civic contributions and impacting Frisco’s future! 


For my President’s Project, I have chosen to introduce bird nesting boxes to several of Frisco’s public parks. Providing homes for wrens, chickadees and bluebirds will add another enjoyable committee to our already impressive slate. To be President of Frisco Garden Club is such an honor. To think it all happened with a ticket to enjoy a fundraising luncheon. I invite you to join the Wildflower Luncheon, as a guest or as a member of our Club; where we live life in full bloom!

Faye Lipham

"As a fairly new avid gardener, I have found FGC to be a wealth of information. It is fun and challenging to watch your hard work come to life in the garden! Being from Louisiana I wanted beautiful southern plants that grow so easily there, I've had to adapt to similar North Texas perennials that thrive here. To have the opportunity to garden with FGC members and learn new tricks is so fun!" - Faye

Karen Lipscomb
Vice President - Programs

"As a native Texan, I have always loved plants and gardening. I started with patio plants and now have many plants and flowers in my Frisco garden. Summer is always challenging for plants but I rely on my perennial plants until the harsh heat subsides! 
FGC and it’s members have taught me many new things concerning gardening. Plus the friendships I have made are invaluable!" - Karen 

Lisa Stafford

Our newest Treasurer, Lisa Stafford, brings 20 years of her professional career in accounting to her role on our executive board. She is green to Frisco, having lived her for just three years, and joined the Club in September of 2020. Inspired to grow her own food, she came to learn about vegetables and gardening in general. She loves nature, outdoors, hiking; and enjoys volunteering and working in the Club's sponsored gardens. Lisa dug right in with her time and talent. Her thumb gets greener as she goes!

Earlene Caldwell
Recording Secretary

"As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who was always cultivating new bulbs, roses and other plants that she loved. That led to my interest in gardening and especially to discovering new perennials. I moved to Frisco from Corpus Christi in 2010 and immediately began to notice the lush variety of shrubs and plants in the area. Not long after we moved, I realized that I knew a few FGC members from my association in other organizations, which were fun connections to make… so I joined FGC too!"


"I enjoy being a member because of the education, friendships and the opportunity to become more engaged in different areas of our community through their partnerships with the Frisco Garden Club." - Earlene

Linda Stricker

Linda's garden passion is planting perennials. She loves to see them return every year, and greets them like good friends. She also enjoys garden decorations, like rocks and signs with inspirational sayings and a bird bath to attract the birds. "I love being a member of the Frisco Garden Club because of the many friends I have met, and the fact that I am constantly learning about new garden techniques and the environment."

Kathy Grieser
Reservation Secretary

"Trying to keep my plants alive, especially in the Texas heat" is Kathy's garden passion. Her Garden Nemesis: "I have so many rabbits and trying to find plants that they do not like to eat is a problem. Her Garden Cannot Do Without: "I love my palm trees."What Keeps Her in the Club: " I’m from Ohio and I have enjoyed learning about the Texas soil. I have enjoyed making new friends and the ladies are great." - Kathy

Bonnie Kenan

"We moved to Frisco, Texas in October 2020. I began my interest in gardening as a young girl helping my father plant his rose garden. It was this pride and joy and he had several different varieties. He taught me how to plant, fertilize and water each rose bush. I've mastered growing roses and decided to try my hand at succulents. So far, I've been successful and love to purchase different varieties from different online and in-person nurseries. My goal is to see them thrive in containers on my patio and see how they react to the Texas heat and cold weather. It's been a pleasure to be part of the Frisco Garden Club. I love meeting new people and I have enjoyed many new friendships within the Club as Membership Chairperson." -Bonnie

Amy Deatherage

"I started my garden club membership as a youth in the Day Heights Junior Garden Club of Milford, Ohio. I have been a Texas Resident since 2003, and a Frisco Garden Club member since 2008. The five years in between was spent cursing the dirt! I am honored to be the Historian for Frisco's oldest active civic organization. Ninety years and counting, we are adding to our rich history every new day!"

-Amy, Club President 2013-2016

Daphne Arnold
Member Advisor

Daphne Arnold has been with the Frisco Garden Club through many presidents and projects and has more than paid her dues (but thankfully, still does annually). Her home garden has been awarded "Best Yard" in her Lone Star neighborhood more times than she can remember. With a talent for entertaining, as well as for gardening, she has been an integral member of many meetings and an impeccable tablescapes designer at all of our Wildflower Luncheons!

Shirley Ziegler

Shirley moved to Texas from Ohio in 2009 and joined FGC in 2019. She was never known for her green thumb but has found more success since attending the FGC educational programs! Her favorite plant is the Vinca because the flowers are so colorful, prolific, and easy to care for.

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