"Out of Africa"

Sandy Simpson
Terri Green
In June, I took a once in a life-time safari trip to Zimbabwe, South Africa to experience life in the jungle to see wildlife up close. BUT, what caught my eye were the hand crafted dishes we ate from daily. Like a hunter tracks its prey, I tracked down the creator of these unique masterpieces and soon met with the owner of Nivek Africa, located in Bulawayo and fell in love with her entire collection of handmade, hand painted dishes. I used a portion of the collection at the Wildflower Luncheon. Each piece is autographed by the fantastic artist.
I enlisted Frisco Garden Club member, Sandy Simpson to help design the centerpiece, inside the unique handcrafted vase, complete with three (3) giraffes peering out of each side. She knew just the person for the job----Billye Peery at Simply Blessed who created a masterpiece with authentic African flowers, such as Jack in the Pulpit, Birds of Paradise, Blue Bella Donnas and red/yellow Gerber daisies! 
What is a table without zebra bows, artfully tied by Texas A & M Senior, J’Lynn Vacek?  Table  guests took home aromatic African roasted coffee in creative containers, with specially crafted name tags designed by Jona Vacek.  We are glad you enjoyed our “Out of Africa” tablescape as much as we enjoyed bringing this safari to you!  Many thanks to the Frisco Garden Club for hosting this annual event.  The tablescapes were marvelous and so creative!  Terri Green