Vivian Stark McCallum Park

This park is named after a very special, longtime Frisco Garden Club member and influential Frisco resident: Vivian Stark McCallum.  Located in the Queen's Gate neighborhood park (9700 Snowberry Drive), the Frisco Garden Club has planted and helps maintain two garden areas, in partnership with the City of Frisco Park & Recreation Department.

Vivian Stark McCallum Park

Dedicated 2007

The City of Frisco Parks and Recreation Department built the community park, dedicating the pocket gardens around the signage to the imagination and care of the Frisco Garden Club. The Vivian Stark McCallum Park Committee arranged for the plants and scheduled a work day for the Club. Together with Shades of Green co-owner (and Honorary Member), Rob Wier, the plants were installed along with iris bulbs from Miss Vivian's own garden.

In Memoriam:
Vivian McCallum 
May 29, 1925 - February 24, 2019 

Honorary Frisco Garden Club Member


Vivian McCallum has served dutifully and generously in the Frisco Garden Club since 1984. In 2017 the Club took a vote and unanimously made Miss Vivian an Honorary Member. She served the club as President on two occasions: 1987-1989 and 2003-2004. 

Miss Vivian worked very hard for the Frisco Garden Club's participation in donations for Bicentennial Park.  She served many years, until 2015, as the Bicentennial Park Committee Chair.