The Frisco Garden Club annually provides scholarships for Frisco ISD students interested in pursuing a horticulture-related degree or career plan after graduating from high school.

Recipients of the Frisco Garden Club's Scholarships:
Past Presidents' Scholarship Fund
Rob Wier Foundation Scholarship

2017 Winners: Katelyn Robeson and Paula Mendoza


Scholarship Committee Chair, Lierin Curry, presented our Scholarship Recipients with $1000 each at the May 2017's Frisco Education Foundation Annual Awards Ceremony.


Katelyn and Paula will be pursuing a career in the Horticulture or Environmental Science Community. Stay tuned for specific details of their education and career plans.  

Notable Past Scholarship Recipients

Frisco Garden Club Member: Molly Kinson


Molly may be our youngest and arguably our most active member. However, she is a true team player who believes in paying it forward and supporting the community that supported her. 

Stay tuned for her story!

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