Heritage Crozier-Sickles House

The Crozier-Sickles house is a historical residence located inside the Frisco Heritage Village.  This Victorian style home, built in 1895, serves as a dressing area for brides and bridesmaids who are attending a wedding at the historical Lebanon Baptist Chapel.  The Frisco Garden Club does landscape maintenance to the herb garden.

Linda Stricker is elected to the FGC Presidency
Project Leader Faye Lipham and team continue the tradition. 
June 2018
Project Leader Passes the Baton

June 2015


Janet Hannam has led the Frisco Garden Club's participation with the original design and implementation of the landscape beds around the Crozier-Sickles House. Under her leadership, the Club maintained a thorough and regular weeding and watering regiment of the gardens. 

When the health of a loved one required that Janet step down from her Chair duties, she passed the floral baton to another respected and capable Club-member, Linda Stricker. Under Linda's leadership the gardens continue to grow and thrive. An addition of an herb garden near the home's kitchen and expansion of the beds completely around the house have been recent successes of the high visibility Club project.

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