Buffalo Stomp

The "Buffalo Stomp," is held each year to revitalize the natural grasses and wildflowers of our Blackland Prairie ecosystem.  The Buffalo Stomp takes place in Freedom Meadow, on the north side of Warren Sports Complex.  

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Buffalo Stomp



The Frisco Garden Club is so excited to learn that the City of Frisco, Parks and Recreation Department has allocated funds to make improvements to the Freedom Meadow Memorial landscape gardens, and to extend the wildflower fields of Freedom Meadow. The preservation of the natural Blackland Prairie is important to our city. Join us this year to learn the extent of this wonderful City Parks and Recreation project and enjoy another annual stompin' good time!

Buffalo Stomp



The meadow was resplendent with bluebonnets this spring. All can see the fruits of their labor...or rather the "flowers of their footsteps!"

Buffalo Stomp



The Buffalo Stomp was scheduled in conjunction with the City of Frisco's Urban Forestry Board Arbor Day Observance to give nature lovers a double dose of fun!

Buffalo Stomp


Our second "annual" Buffalo Stomp posed a bit of a challenge. When is the best time to spread wildflower seed? Our Club budgets seed for a 9-11 Observance. The price of seed is increasing. Our President and Committee Chair are busy most weekends. Do we schedule it with Shawnee Trail Days or Arborfest?

In the end, we managed to fit it in to our busy schedules and the "rain dance" that was part of the instruction really worked! Rain fell right on cue!

The First Frisco Garden Club Buffalo Stomp 

November 1, 2013


The first annual "Buffalo Stomp" was an incidental brainchild of three Frisco Garden Club Members who had an interest in the hillside of the Northeast corner of Warren Sports Complex: Vaughn Lohec, Edna Willits and Molly Kinson. 

Vaughn Lohec lost her sister to the September 11 attacks, and helped to spearhead the building of the Freedom Meadow Memorial at the top of the hill. The Memorial was commissioned and unveiled on September 11, 2005. The family donated two flanking benches in honor of their lost loved one, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas. At a 2013 Freedom Meadow Committee meeting, Vaughn expressed that she was sad to have been thrust into the "memorial business" since the national tragedy that personally affected her family in 2001. 

Edna Willits has been the FGC Freedom Meadow Chairperson since its inception. The practice of spreading wildflower seed annually at a 9-11 solemn seed scattering observance has been a Frisco Garden Club tradition since 2002. Edna ensures that the local fire department is honored along with the Nation's first responders. The Frisco Fire Department is on-hand annually to water the seed with a ceremonial water salute.

Molly Kinson works for the Environmental Science Department of our city's Parks and Recreation Department. She passes the hillside every day on her way to work. She has a love for nature and the wildflowers that grow on our small preserve of Blackland Prairie. Through research, she discovered a project trend that pairs the sewing and harvesting of existing and supplemental seed with youth education. The practice is called a "Buffalo Stomp" because the children dancing and stomping in the fields imitates the natural planting of earlier days when buffalo wandered these plains. Sinking the seed pods into the dirt helps them to germinate and increases the yield. 

The Frisco Garden Club took a vote and agreed to implement an additional day of seed spreading. The celebratory event: "The Rootin' Tootin' Boot Scootin' Buffalo Stomp was born! The event was a success that Vaughn says would have pleased her sister, Lauren. The kids and adults gain an education; environmentally, as well as, civically. Many of our youth involved in the annual project were born years after 2001.


The Buffalo Stomp resembles the resilience of the Texas Native. The delicate beauty of the Texas Bluebonnet to withstand the harsh conditions of wind, clay and drought; is akin to the spirit of the American people to overcome the horrific loss of life and innocence on a terrible fateful day.

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