Bicentennial Park

This neighborhood park was "adopted" by the Frisco Garden Club in 1987.  In 1996, Garden Club members added a pocket garden of "pass along" iris bulbs and an elegant Eve's Necklace Tree for beautification. 

Bi-Centennial Park is scheduled for a face-lift

Coming soon, thanks to plans of the City's Parks & Recreation Department


Today the sidewalk is flanked by two small planting beds that are managed by the Bi-Centennial Park sub-committee of the FGC, led by Dottie Jones.

These bed areas are small and mighty, providing the community with a beautiful and colorful display as they leave and enter their neighborhood.

The Garden Club adopts the Park



The FGC built a picnic shelter that is still used for family gatherings. The Frisco RR caboose was moved to the park in 1996 but is now at the Heritage Museum Railroad area.

The FGC planted an Eve's Necklace tree in the Park on Arbor Day 2006 and designated this a "Freedom Tree". The FGC added the Homer E. Carter, Sr. vintage tractor to replace where the Caboose once sat.

Bi-Centennial Park is established


Miss Vivian impressed upon the Club the importance of maintaining our "inner-city" parks. As the City grew by leaps and bounds and dotted the entire landscape with small city parks, Miss Vivian held that we should not forget our older neighborhoods. The Park is due to receive renovations 2017-2018.