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The Executive Board 



Presides at all meetings.  Is an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee and appoints the chairperson of all committees.  Will fill all vacancies with the approval of the Executive Board.

Vice President/Programs

In charge of programs for the year and will present a program schedule for the yearbook.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President will serve in that capacity.

Recording Secretary/Secretaries

Will record the minutes of all meetings, read all correspondence, and conduct all correspondence as directed by the President.



Will be responsible for all receipts and expenditures of all funds, and will keep an accurate record of all financial affairs of the Garden Club.  If the club chooses, the Secretary and Treasurer office may be combined.



Will be prepared to advise on all points of parliamentary procedure when called upon by the chair and/or membership.  Will serve as a member of the Revision Committee and will incorporate into the by-laws and standing rules all changes voted on by the club.

General Board Officers

Reservation Secretary


Via email and/or phone calls, will remind members of the next club meeting, advising members of the cost of the meeting luncheon, and requesting members to make their reservations by a certain date and time.  After receiving reservations, will advise the meeting/luncheon club delegate of the number of reservations required.



Will compile the history of the Frisco Garden Club in written form and, at the end of the club year, will add a copy of the report to the club year's minutes.

Membership Coordinator


Will be the Membership Committee Chairperson or a designee from the Membership Committee.

Member Advisor

A Club Member in good standing with at least eight years experience in the Frisco Garden Club and having served on a prior board or as committee chair. The President appoints this position from volunteers that meet the criteria.


A Club Member in good standing who wishes to serve with fresh perspective, preferably with less than five years Frisco Garden Club experience. This member is a volunteer, appointed at the suggestion of the Executive Board.

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